Boston Particle Physics Masterclass 2023

Just the Facts

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What: QuarkNet's U.S. Particle Physics Masterclass!!!! A chance for you to experience first hand particle physics data directly from CERN!!! Funded in part by the National Science Foundation

When: Sat. 3/11 from 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM (Doors open at 9:15 - See Schedule below)

Where: Northeastern University: 110 Forsyth St., Dana Research Center, 1st Floor Conference Room (see below)

Who: High school physics students throughout the region. In addition we will be video conferencing with students across the country and the world!

Cost: None but you may want to bring money to purchase lunch at the student center or bring a bag lunch.


What to Bring?

The most important things to bring are an enthusiastic attitude, a sense of curiosity, and an open mind!

In addition it is highly recommended (but not required) you bring a device that runs chrome or firefox. Chromebooks are fine. Tablets unfortunately are not recommended. And as mentioned above you should bring a lunch or money to purchase lunch at the student center.


How to Get There?

Best way to get there is via T to Ruggles Station. See below. (Orange Line)

If you have to drive, park at Renaissance Parking Garage at 1135 Tremont St. Parking is about $20 for the entire day. When you exit the garage enter the Ruggles Station and follow the map below.




Schedule for Boston 2023

9:15 Doors Open: Welcome/Registration

Cloud Chamber and Electron in B-Field Demonstration

9:45 Ice Breaker Activity (Official Start)

10:00 Mentor Presentation on Particle Physics & Discussion

10:45 Break

11:00 Introduction to Data Analysis

11:30 Begin Data Analysis

12:00 Lunch with a Physicist

13:00 Tour

14:00 Continue with Data Analysis Activity

15:15 Break

15:30 Pre-conference: Mentor and teacher lead discussion of meaning of data

16:00 Video Conference with Williamsburg and Houston moderated by Fermilab

16:30 Sum-Up and Evaluation

17:00 Close