School implementation plan FHS Pratt

Use of Quarknet equipment and resources

1. Address measurement uncertainties through setup and data collection from a 24 hour run.

2. Kinematics-

    Time of flight analysis from 24 hour run data.  Using distance, estimate average speed of particles.

    Using known rest half-life, estimate depth in earth at which muon signal should disappear.

3. Have students propose research plans after considering possible connections of muon data to understanding of cosmic or geological processes.  By mutual agreement, have students establish a detector configuration for collecting data. 

4. Assign students to rotate monitoring duties so as to collect data of particular periods and also to submit the data for processing. 

5. Have students access and analyze the data.  They will then prepare their own research reports and present them to the group.

6. Reports may then be submitted on and/or turned into science fair projects and/or submmitted for publication.