Virtual QuarkNet Summer 2021 Workshop: Quantum Computing and Coding

July 22nd and July 23rd


Participating teachers will:

  • Apply physics principles to reduce or explain the observations in data investigations.
  • Examine simulated and experimental data. Identify patterns within the data and consider causes of those patterns. 
  • Create, organize and interpret data plots; make claims based on evidence and provide explanations; identify data limitations.
  • Develop a plan for taking students from their current level of data use to subsequent levels using activities and/or ideas from the workshop.

We will also provide opportunities to engage in critical dialogue among teaching colleagues about what they learn in the workshop.


Times and specific activities are subject to adjustment.
****All times are eastern.

Day 0

Wednesneday July 21, 2021

20:00 - Pre-meeting social hour


Day 1

Thursday July 22, 2021

11:00    Welcome & Introductions

11:45   Coding in Trinket (w/Charlie Payne)

12:30 Break

12:45 Data Analysis in Python (w/Adam LaMee)

14:00    LUNCH & work time

16:00    Quantum Computing Talk: Burack Sahinoglu (Theoretical Division Los Alamos National Lab)


  • Group discussion

Title: What is quantum information science and why all the excitement?

17:00    End of day reflection

18:00    End of Day

Homework: Watch fun video 

Day 2

Friday July 23rd

11:00    Welcome & Introductions

  • Zoom sign-in and handshake
  • Daily Sign-In
  • Questions from yesterday

11:10   Charlie's hands on QC session, break/breakout session where needed/natural

  • Resources
  • Discussion / breakout rooms


12:30 Break

13:00 Guest Speaker

14:00  Mentor Discussions: Antonio and Danielle

  • handle all lingering questions about life, the universe, and quantum mechanics
  • we encourage heckling

15:00 Cryptology

15:45 Break

16:15   Implementation

16:45   Survey

17:00    End of Day

So long and thanks for all the fish!


Charlie's Resources

Quantum Computers for the Curious PDF


Adam Lemee's Email