2016 Annual Report - Hawaii

The Hawaii QuarkNet center has a lots of activities and news to share this year.

In November 14th, 2015, 13 students and 8 teachers participated at two days workshop about Cosmic Ray at University of Hawaii at Manoa where they were introduced to the QuarkNet activities and labs and to particle physics.

The usual MasterClass event occurred in February 2016 at Punahou school with 5 High school teachers and 55 students to discovery the secrets of the Higgs Boson (picture below: on right).

This summer, three QuakNet high school teachers from Hawaii have been nationally selected by the Quarknet Project to participate at the Fermilab Data Camp in Illinois, and the CERN ISE workshop in Greece this July.

A one day workshop in June 24th was held with the cadre of QuarkNet teachers at the Physics department (picture below: top left).

This summer, 4 students from Maui High School: Mary Chin, Princess Constantino, Laney Flanagan, Bryce Jackman with the help of their project. Mentor J.D. Armstrong, and their QuarkNet teacher Keith Imada, have been studied if exists a connection between galactic cosmic ray, solar activity and global warming (picture below: bottom left).