ILC Cosmic Ray Workshop 2013 at the University of Tokyo

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Workshop Goals

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will:

  • Assemble the detector and collect data
    • Counter assembly and testing
    • Computer configuration
    • GPS location
    • Geometry measurement
  • Practice using the e-Lab
    • Data uploads
    • Data searches
    • Blessing plots
    • Flux analysis
    • Poster creation
  • Perform an extended data project and create a poster
  • Discuss classroom implementation
  • Learn about particle physics data and ILC


Subject to revision

Saturday November 9

10:00    Registration and greetings

10:30    Presentation on Cosmic Rays (Kanaya)

11:30    Introduction to QuarkNet Cosmics (Brooks, Cecire)

12:00    Lunch

13:00    Cosmic Ray system construction and set-up

15:00    Start first data collection

15:30    Guided exploration of e-Lab

16:00    Upload data together

16:30    BLESSING and FLUX studies

17:00    Adjust detector and set up for overnight run

17:30    Close for evening

Sunday November 10

10:00    Greetings and data upload from overnight run

10:15    Divide into groups; BLESSING and FLUX on new data

11:00    Groups study e-Lab Posters, begin short project

12:00    Lunch

13:00    Project work

14:30    Project presentations

15:30    Data-based introduction to ILC

17:00    Discussion and closing

17:30    End of workshop


Resources for teachers

Particle Physics
Recommendation: Spend 30-60 min on one of these

Cosmic Ray Physics
Recommendation: Spend 30-60 min on one of these

Animations and Videos
Watch and share with students




Ken Cecire

Cheryl Brooks

Bob Peterson


Local organizers: please see the workshop Requirements page.