2017 Cosmic Ray Workshop

Cosmic Ray Workshop
Kamehameha Kapalama School
210 Konia Circle
Konia Rm 212
Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017
8:45 am – 3:00 pm

Agenda – What is the Connection Between the Solar Eclipse and Cosmic Rays?

  8:45     Registration                                        Silvia Rocchi,  Mary Kadooka

  9:00     Welcome and Introduction                                    Veronica Bindi

  9:15      2017 Solar Eclipse Experience                                       Shadia Habbal                    
10:15      Break                        

10:30      Importance of Eclipse for Cosmic Ray Studies                            V. Bindi
      Cosmic Rays TED Video

10:45      QuarkNet e-Lab Eclipse Data Analysis                  Mike Jones, Peter Grach   
      (Need laptops)

12:00     Lunch with Physicists and Astronomers
                        S Habbal,   Mike Nassir, V. Bindi, C. Corti, A. Popkow

12:30    Group Photo                                                  Silvia Rocchi

12:45    Videoconference                        Dave Trapp (from the continent)

  1:30     Student Research with Muon Detectors                Kamehameha Students                                                                  Peter Grach

  2:30    Wrap Up/Evaluation                                        M. Kadooka

  3:00    Adjourn

 Students, please bring your laptops to share in pairs.