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Beginning its 20th year, QuarkNet involves about 100,000 students from 500+ US high schools with opportunities to:

  • Analyze real data online
  • Collaborate with students worldwide
  • Participate in cutting-edge research
  • Visit labs and experiments

Through inquiry-oriented investigations students will learn kinematics, particles, waves, electricity and magnetism, energy and momentum, radioactive decay, optics, relativity, forces, and the structure of matter.


QuarkNet Summer Interns @ Fermilab 2017

QuarkNet Centers

QuarkNet has ~50 centers in universities and laboratories participating in high-energy physics experiments. Initially, each center includes two mentor physicists and two high school physics teachers.

Our goals for teachers include a deeper understanding of physics content, an appreciation for the machinery of modern science, an introduction to inquiry-based teaching as well as evolution in individual teaching to a more student-centered mode of instruction.

"Lead" teachers will hold eight-week paid summer research appointments under the mentorship of the local center physicists. Teachers, with the help of local mentors, will take part in the construction and testing of detector components, create data sets and develop online experiments for students and help develop classroom detectors.

In succeeding academic years, the teachers will extend their research work to the classroom. They will also work with the physicists to design a research-oriented institute for up to ten other area teachers who will join the center in the second year. The center will have ongoing support in following years.

Syracuse CMS e-Lab workshop 2017

Syracuse teachers set up cosmic ray detectors in association with solar eclipse 2017

WA teachers work with table top interferometer 2017

Syracuse CMS e-Lab workshop 2017