Data Activities Portfolio

The Data Portfolio is a compendium of particle physics classroom activities organized by Data Strand, Level of student engagement, Curriculum Topics and NGSS Standards. Follow the links provided for information about using the Data Portfolio to plan your students’ experience.

Support your curriculum using instructional activities that build skills and analysis techniques using particle physics data.

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What are e-Labs? The e-Labs provide an opportunity for students to:

  • Organize and conduct authentic research.
  • Experience the environment of scientific collaborations.
  • Analyze authentic data from large experiments.

Supported by QuarkNet, the Cosmic Ray and CMS e-Labs are problem-based, student driven and technology dependent.

Masterclass Library Project

The Masterclass Library contains most of the information needed for physicists and teachers to run a masterclass. The Project Map below is arranged in the typical chronological order in which a masterclass prepared and then carried out. The order is more descriptive than prescriptive.

Masterclass Library Project Map

LHC Masterclass     Neutrino Masterclass

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