2017 Oregon Summer Workshop

QuarkNet Cosmic Ray Eclipse Project:

telescope designs, directions for uploading data and labelling (so it can be searched and used for e-Lab studies): 

Link: /content/cosmic-ray-eclipse-project

2017 Workshop Agenda:

Monday June 26

12:00    Coffee, fruit, cookies, 412 Willamette Hall

1:00     Intros, etc

1:15     Ray Frey:  LIGO and Gravitional Waves -

            update, implications, and prospects

2:30     Bryan RebarUO STEM-CORE and teacher

            research resources

3:00     Spencer ChangStatistics and Psychology

            in Science

4:00     Robert Schofield:  Ant Lab tour & LIGO bits


Tuesday June 27

08:30    Gather, coffee, fruit, pastries

09:00    Participants:  My projects I:  2016-17, 2017-18

10:30    Jim Brau:  The Great Oregon Eclipse

12:00    Lunch (on your own)

1:30     Participants:  My Projects II:  2016-17, 2017-18

2:00    Scott Fisher Pine Mt. Observatory

3:00     Eric Torrence:  Why the LHC upgrades?

4:00     Tim Cohen:  LHC Science demystified   


Contacts :

Ray Frey, rayfrey@uoregon.edu, 541-346-5873,  541-953-6400 (cell)
Anne McGinley, annem@uoregon.edu,  541-346-4898, 414 Willamette Hall 

QuarkNet fellow:  Dave Trapp, dtrapp@mac.com

UO Faculty participants:

Jim Brau, Spencer Chang, Tim Cohen, Scott Fisher, Ray Frey, Bryan Rebar, Robert Schofield, Eric Torrence