2023 NOvA Masterclass @ U of Mn

Saturday, March 11, 2023     9:00 AM - ~4:00 PM

University of Minnesota - Physics and Nanotechnology Building (map), Room 110

Small URL for this page: https://tinyurl.com/novamc23


09:00 AM     Welcome, intros sign-in and ice-breaker (Shane, Karin)

09:30 AM     Tour: Clean room @ PAN

11:00 AM     Opening activity (Shane): Setting the stage

  • From the big...to the small
  • What is Physics? (map & video-to watch later)
      …from Dominic Walliman and Born to Engineer…and accompanying questions?
  • Standard Model of particle physics

11:15 AM     Particle Physics Intro Talk (Chris Hilgenberg) plus Q&A - Standard model general + neutrino focus

11:45 AM     NOvA Masterclass Measurement - Part 1a - Far Detector, Charged Current Interactions (Greg & Mike)

12:30 PM     LUNCH - provided

  • "Lunch with a physicist/grad student"
  • Cool demos
  • ...and this is when you eat!

1:00 PM     NOvA Masterclass Measurement - Part 1b - Far Detector, Neutral Current Interactions (Shane)

1:30 PM     NOvA Virtual Tour - Far Detector (Ash River, MN)

2:15 PM     NOvA Masterclass Measurement - Part 2- Near Detector, CC&NC with Coding (Mike)

3:30 PM     Videoconference

~4:00 PM     End of Day




Other items/resources

Q&A, Closing discussion, survey (will be on paper)

Teacher “answer key”