2014 Workshop - Afternoon Activity - Photoelectric Effect with LEDs

JHU Quarknet Summer Workshop 2014


Afternoon Activity: Photoelectric Effect Apparatus



On this page you can find the following:


1) Original instructions (with materials list) for the building of the device

2) Steve Wonnell's addenda for modifying the device for (a) all LEDs permanently wired to a "dial" selector switch and (b) discrete adjustments to the LED brightness via a second dial for more quantitative measurements.  Included:

--An updated list of parts

--Template to print and atttach to the underside of the lid, for drilling holes

--Schematic diagram for the wiring of the dial switches

--Photos of the device with light shield removed to see the tube, and in operation

4) An example of a lab activity from U. of Missouri KC, discovered by Sue Ann Ness, which has a good set of instructions and diagrams for this device.

5) Spectroscopic data for the LEDs (compressed into single .rar file) in CSV spreadsheet format; should be readable by LoggerPro