ATLAS and CMS Data Workshops Preflight



Lead Teachers and Mentors should prepare the following for a CMS or ATLAS Data Workshop: 


  • Name tags and markers/pens 
  • Workshop evaluation forms - print one for each teacher
  • Rolling with Rutherford: Marbles or balls, flat even space, ruler(s) or meter stick(s), optional targets
  • Printed events, protractors, scientific calculators for Z Mass or Top Mass activities
  • Other activity printouts (see agenda)


  • Tables, outlets, lighting, space, etc.
  • Set-up and clean-up of room
  • Venue/parking passes if needed
  • Food related: tea, snack, lunch?
  • One computer for each two participants with good internet connection
  • Projector and screen
  • Webcam/mic/speakers or H.323 (Polycom or equivalent) for videoconference
  • Black/white board & markers
  • Access to a printer


  • Mentor presence
  • Physicist to speak on CMS, ATLAS, or LHC; suggestions:
    • include a bit about standard model
    • introduce CERN, LHC, and CMS or ATLAS
    • say a bit about speaker's research
    • keep it simple and at a very general level - know the audience
  • Ongoing communication before and after workshop
  • International workshops: translators helpful


Schedule of Workshops, Summer 2013