CMS Masterclass: J/Psi Path - February 4, 2019

CMS Masterclass: J/Psi Path

Irondale High School (New Brighton, MN)
Medford High School (Medford, MA)
Mills Godwin High School (Henrico, VA)

Monday, February 4, 2019, 4:25-5:15 PM EST (3:25-4:15 PM CST)
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Agenda: Note that all times are approximate. 

   4:20 ET (3:20 CT)    Connect to videoconference
   4:25 ET (3:25 CT)    Introductions
   4:30 ET (3:30 CT)    Students share results
   4:40 ET (3:40 CT)    Presentation: Janet Rafner
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   5:00 ET (4:00 CT)    Discussion, Q & A
   5:15 ET (4:15 CT)    End Videoconference



CMS Masterclass: J/Psi Path
CMS J/Psi & iSpy-online introductory slides
CMS Slice Animation PPT (use in present mode)
Shodor interactive histogram builder


Dr. Summer Blot, DESY (Berlin, Germany) & IceCube experiment (Antarctica)
Mr. Michael Fetsko, Godwin High School (Henrico, VA)
Ms. Janet Rafner, 
Dr. Michael Wadness, Medford High School (Medford, MA)
Mr. Shane Wood, Irondale High School (New Brighton, MN) & QuarkNet