Example NOvA Masterclass Agenda

Day, March XX, 20XX     

University of Example: Example Hall, Room 1XX 

Example Agenda:

09:00 AM     Welcome and introductions

  • Possible ideas to include: student "ice-breaker" activity, and/or demonstrations
  • Establishing context

09:30 AM     Physicist Talk

  • Possbile topics:
    • Intro to physicist's research and interests
    • Physicist's educational path
    • Intro to neutrinos, neutrino research, and/or NOvA detector

10:15 AM     Lab Tour (optional)

  • Students get a chance to see a university laboratory.
  • Possibly hear from graduate students?
  • Students have a chance to get up and move around

10:45 AM     NOvA Masterclass Measurement - Part 1 - Far Detector

  • CC (Nu/Mu) and NC images
  • Analysis: Determine cut-off length (to be used in Part 2)
  • Establish ratio for far detector:
    • CC(NuMu) / NC = 6/40 = 0.15

12:15 PM     LUNCH

  • "Lunch with a physicist/grad student" - a great option
  • Interesting demos

12:45 PM     NOvA Masterclass Measurement - Part 2 - Near Detector & Conclusions

  • Python notebook using Google Colaboratory
    • Input cut-off length from Part 1
  • Establish ratio for near detector:
    • CC(NuMu) / NC = ?? (Students get ratio based on output from Python notebook.)
    • Students should find ratio to be significantly higher than 0.15, the value from the far detector.
    • Difference in ratios is evidence of neutrino osciallation 

1:45 PM     BREAK, connect to Zoom

2:00 PM     Videoconference (Be sure to check your videoconference time on the videoconference schedule.)

2:30 PM     End of Day