FIT 2016 Summer Workshop

Quarknet/FIT 2016 Summer Workshop

Welcome to the Quarknet/FIT 2016 summer workshop May 31 - June 6.


Pre-Workshop Info

  • The workshop will be held on the 4th Floor, Olin Physical Science Center (OPS), F.I.T. main campus (map)

  • Parking: There are visitor spaces on the first floor of the parking garage. Once you get a parking permit from Mike you can park anywhere on campus.

  • Lunch is available in the FIT dining hall.

  • Register for a Cosmic Ray eLab account

Lead Teachers

  • Mike O'Donnell, PBMHS

  • Joe Laub, MHS

Participants and Visitors

  • Mark Adams, Quarknet staff (FNAL)

  • Chris Cantrell (MHS)

  • Robert Frankowiak, Quarknet Cosmic Fellow

  • Adam LaMee, Quarknet Teaching & Learning Fellow (UCF)

  • Jake Lenhart (Space Coast Jr/Sr HS)

  • Ram Maharaj (Bayside HS)

  • David Proctor (MHS)

  • Randy Wouters, (MHS)

  • High school student researchers Angela, Coady, Devon, Logan, Muyang, and Ryan.





(8-9) Welcome and orientation, parking permits, W-9s, coffee & donuts (Mike and Joe)

(9-10) Connecting to BCS laptops and FIT wifi, cosmic eLab (Mike)

(10-11) Talk: Intro to Cosmic Rays (Mike)

(11-12) Assemble detectors

(12-1) Lunch

(1-2) Detector time

(2-3) Talk: Nuclear physics pt. 1 (George Rybicki, FIT Physics)

(3-4) Detector time


(8-12) Detector time (Robert and Mark)

(12-1) lunch

(1-2) Quarknet site accounts and FIT page (Adam); Rutherford PhET activity and worksheet pdf attached below (Mike)

(2-3) Talk: Nuclear physics pt. 2 (George Rybicki, FIT Physics)

(3-4) Detector time


(8-12) Detector time

(12-1) lunch

(1-3) Detector time, make posters

(3-4) Upload and re-start collection; daily survey, and plans for Friday


(8-9) Recap and begin data collection

(9-10) Rutherford PhET and Mike’s Rutherford activity worksheet (Mike)

(10-10:30) Sunspot viewing and observatory tour (Dr. Veronique Petit, FIT Physics)

(10:30-12) Classroom activities:

Data Portfolio activity: Rolling with Rutherford variation (Adam)

(12-1) lunch

(1-2) FIT Library (map): tour of the Digital Scholarship Lab (Martin Gallagher, FIT Library)

(2-3:30) Data Portfolio activity: Top Quark variation; CERN LHC video (1.18 m) (Adam)

(3:30-4) Upload and re-start collection; daily survey, and plans for Monday


(8-9) Meet at FIT Bookstore (map); recap from last week; Data Portfolio activity: Quark Workbench (Adam); walk back to OPS

(9-11:45) recap learning goals from last week’s activities; HEP videos

  • choice of Arduino activities with programming or DC circuits, or laser diffraction (Adam)

(11:45-12) Why should all students take Physics in high school? Here are some reasons.

(12-1) lunch

(1-2) Design an implementation plan; further investigation of the week’s activities

(2-3) Tour of HEP lab, CMS remote operations room, and clean room (Marcus Hohlman, FIT)

(3-4) In-service forms; Experimental Science course description; daily survey; Quarknet workshop satisfaction survey