FIT Week 6

What did you do this week?: 
This week I completed my lunar phases project. I finished data collection, made several graphs, and added to the poster. I also worked on the Faraday Cage and electric field project. We tested different scenarios using the Faraday cage, plasma ball, and muon detection system.
Why did you do that?: 
By using the DAQ, Photo multiplier tubes, Paddles, etc. in the box, we were able to see which system was being affected by the electric field. The DAQ was the culprit, as it's readings in the Faraday cage with the plasma ball were 500 muons lower than the other systems.
What are you doing next?: 
Next, I will be giving a 5-10 minute presentation in my research class when school begins. I will show other students the equipment that I used to count muons, and hopefully we will be able to count muons as well.
Why are you doing that?: 
I am giving the presentation to encourage particle physics research in my school as well as make students aware of muons. Before joining Quarknet, I didn't know what muons are or have any idea of their role in our planet and atmosphere.