FIT Weekly Report- Week 4

What did you do this week?: 
This week, I starteda new project on how the number of muons could be affected by gravity. To do so, i would have to look at the tides. Every thirty minutes I would record the high or low tide in feet and i would also record the muon count for those thiry minutes.
Why did you do that?: 
The purpose of recording the high and low tides and seeing if they correlate with the number of muons is to find out if there are any factors that could interfere with the muon counts. In this case, if the tides do correlate with the muon counts in some way, it would show us that gravity could be causing the muons to be pulled in towards the earths atmosphere.
What are you doing next?: 
Next, I would be analyzing my results of the experiment with the tides and the muons. I would be constructing graphs and uploading my data online.
Why are you doing that?: 
The reason for making graphs is to analyze the data easier and to see if there is any correlation between the two data sets. I would be uploading my data because it would allow others to see my work online.