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The Opportunity

"Your program rejuvenates my soul. It connects me with a cadre of intelligent and excited educators. It reinvigorates my teaching and provides me avenues to extend and enliven the projects that I can offer my students. Without the Quarknet program I am sure that I would have left teaching years ago."

The Players

High school students, teachers and physicists working together on physics research projects exploring the hidden nature of matter, energy, space and time.

The Questions

What are the origins of mass? Can the basic forces of nature be unified? How did the universe begin? How will it evolve?

For Teachers
For Students
For Researchers
LHC & Fermilab 

Support your curriculum using instructional activities that build skills and analysis techniques using particle physics data.

  • CMS & Cosmic Ray—address ALL practices in Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Cosmic Ray: Join global student network & do original research.
  • Join scientists for research.
  • Data Camp and Coding Camps 1 & 2.
  • Workshops at centers.
Students are scientists for a day to make measurements on authentic experimental data & join a video conference with peers.

QuarkNet Video

Teachers and a mentor discuss how QuarkNet empowers teachers to adopt new teaching strategies and how we train the next generation of scientists and non-scientists to think critically and understand the world around them. Students talk about their experience measuring muons with their cosmic ray detector.