2014 Annual Report - Kansas State University

The K-State group held two workshops and a Master Class in the last fiscal year.

On February 15, 2014 we held a workshop at the KSU Physics department on Physics for Policy Makers and Master Class preparation work. Twelve teachers attended. Prof. Brett DePaola, ex-Jefferson Fellow at the State Department, gave a much  appreciated 2 hour summary of his Physics for Policy Makers class. Ken Cecire led the Master Class orientation.

The Master Class was held on April 4, 2014, Nine teachers and twenty-four students attended. KSU Physics hosted a program of demos and hands-on physics activities and we also toured the KSU Nuclear Reactor. Most KSU HEP and Comology graduate students helped with the Master Class activities.   

Bob Peterson hosted the CRD workshop at KSU during 5-7 August 2014. This was attended by 6 teachers wo had a total of 4 cosmic ray detectors.

Penny Blue (Lyons HS) and Renee Teague (Cheney HS) participated in the 2014 QuarkNet Data Camp.

The KSU group remains strong in its eleventh year of existence.  Approximately two dozen teachers participate, a core group of 10 or so regularly, and the rest at the rate of once every other meeting. We continue to specialize in serving small rural high schools throughout the state. Plans for 2014-15 include an early spring Master Class orientation workshop and participation in a Master Class in late spring 2014.