LIGO e-Lab workshop at OSU

June 16-17, 2016



Participating teachers will be able to use the LIGO e-Lab to:

  • Plot and interpret data recorded by LIGO seismic instruments
  • Explain the importance of LIGO seismic data in gravitiational wave search
  • Use LIGO seismic data to demonstrate classical physics concepts.



Times and specific activities are subject to adjustment.

Thursday 16 June

09:30     Coffee, Registration, Introduction

10:00     Gravitational Waves presentation

10:30      Videos:

11:00      Interferometer activity

12:00     Lunch

13:30     Exploration of LIGO e-Lab: 

14:30     Break

14:45     Search and analyze in data:

15:30     Exploration of LIGO posters; look for:

  • Claims, Evidence, Reasoning
  • Research ideas

16:00     Reflections and discussion

16:30     End of Day (homework: QN Teacher Survey

Friday 17 June

09:30     Coffee, Recap, Plan

09:45     Discuss:

  • Creating a research plan
  • Questions about LIGO

10:00     LIGO Hanford Virtual Visit

10:30     Create research plan

11:00     Research activity

12:00     Lunch 

13:30     Conclude research and create posters

14:30     Presentations

15:00     Break     

15:15     Implementation discussions

16:00     Evaluation

16:30     End of workshop