LIGO e-Lab Workshop for VQNet in Chicago


August 11th-14th, 2016




Participating teachers will be able to use the LIGO e-Lab to:

  • Plot and interpret data recorded by LIGO seismic instruments
  • Explain the importance of LIGO seismic data in gravitiational wave search
  • Use LIGO seismic data to demonstrate classical physics concepts.


University of Illinois Chicago-Physics Building



Times and specific activities are subject to adjustment.

Thursday August 11

09:00     Coffee, Registration

09:15     Introduction

09:45     Break

10:00     Breaking News from CMS, HEP, and other exciting areas of Physics

  • Dan Karmgard
  • Antonio Delgado
  • Danielle McDermott

11:00    Intro to Gravity Waves via Youtube

11:15     Interferometer activity


12:00     Lunch

13:00     Videos:

13:30     Exploration of LIGO e-Lab: 

  • log in with account
  • review Resources and Project Map
  • try out features
  • Seismology Review

14:30     Break

14:45     Search and analyze in data:

15:30  Begin resreach

  • Explore LIGO posters
  • Create research plan

16:30     End of Day

19:05     Cubs vs. Cardinals

Friday August 12

09:00     Coffee/Reflection

  • What is the thread that ties what we are doing together?
  • What worked and did not work yesterday?
  • How are we doing on the objectives?
  • Hot off the press.

09:15    Research activity

10:00     LIGO Hanford Virtual Visit

10:30     Break

10:45     Continure with Research Activity

11:15     Begin Poster Creation

12:00     Lunch 

13:00     Gravitational Waves Presentation 

  •      Shane Larson-Adler Planeteriam    

14:30     Break     

14:45    Sharing and Discussion of How We Teach Universal Gravity in High School

  • All teachers bring a unit plan to share

16:15     Reflection

16:30     End of Day

Saturday August 13

9:00     Coffee     

9:15      Continue to Work on Posters

10:00    Present Posters

10:30     Break     

10:45     Implementation discussion

11:15     Reflection

11:30     Evaluation

12:00     End of workshop