2014 Annual Report - University of Washington

We continued the successful experiences from 2013 and organized two QuarkNet events--a masterclass in May and a cosmic ray workshop in July, 2014. Here are detailed descriptions of each workshop:

a. Masterclass on May 15

    QuarkNet teachers/staff: Kenneth Cecire, David Trapp

    School: Meadowdale High

    HS Teacher: Jim Landon

    HS Student: 16 students

    Activities: Mon lab tour, Pixel Lab Tour, CMS masterclass, Virtual conference

    Jim Landon wrote a story with detailed descriptions of the event in the attachment. The collections of photos could be found here.

b. Cosmic Ray workshop during July 30 - Aug 1

    QuarkNet teacher/staff: Robert Peterson, David Trapp

    Invited Seminar Talks: Toby Burnett (gamma ray experiments), Jeff Wilkes (cosmic ray from galctic center)

    School: Liberty High, Inerlake High (new), Keiso High (new), Skyline High

    HS Teachers: Mark Buchli (LHS), Shem Thompson (IHS, new), Rose Emanuel (KHS, new)

    Students: 3 (LHS), 1 (IHS),  1(SHS)

    Activities: Pixel lab tour, Cosmic ray hands-on activities, plateau counters, flux rate measurement, Cosmic Ray e-Lab, student research report

   Miscellaneous comments:  Two new teachers each bring a CRMD back. Mark only brings a CRMD back and left another CRMD in UW for repairment. Two teachers quit the CRMD program - David Leman from Heritage University and James Landon from Meadowdale High. Two CRMDs were mailed back to FNAL.    

   Collections of the event pictures could be found here.