Masterclass Institutes 2018

This and the ATLAS and CMS pages help to guide mentors and teachers in planning the masterclass.


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Elements common to all masterclass institutes

Previous to day of the masterclass:

  • Orientation for mentors and teachers by QuarkNet staff or fellow (1-3 hr)
  • Classroom preparation of students by teacher (~3 hr)

Masterclass day (6-8 hr):

  • Registration (sign-in sheet) and gateway activity (e.g. cloud chamber, cosmic ray detector, or e/m apparatus)
  • Icebreaker activity
  • Mentor presentation (a bit of standard model, a bit of mentor's own research)
  • Lab tour
  • Teacher presentation on masterclass measurement (ATLAS Z-path, CMS WZH-path, or other)
  • Lunch with a physicist
  • Masterclass measurement by students with help from mentor, teachers, other physicists 
  • Discussion of combined results for Institute
  • Videoconference
  • Wrap-up
  • Attendance form (filled out by masterclass leader)



Masterclass Institutes in FermilabTRIUMF group

Location Institution Measurement Contact Contact Other
Auckland, New Zealand University of Auckland CMS WZH Krofchek Foster  
Baltimore MD, USA Johns Hopkins University CMS WZH Swartz    
Bogotá, Colombia Universidad Antonio Nariño ATLAS Z Losada Sandoval  
Boston MA, USA Northeastern University CMS WZH Alverson Wood  
Bucaramanga, Colombia Universidad Antonio Nariño ATLAS Z Sandoval    
Bucaramanga, Colombia Universidad Industrial de Santander ATLAS Z   Sandoval  
Buenos Aires, Argentina Universidad de Buenos Aires ATLAS Z Otero    
Buffalo NY, USA University at Buffalo CMS WZH Iashvili Kharchilava  
Colima, Mexico Universidad de Colima CMS WZH Aranda    
Cuzco, Peru Universidad de Cusco ATLAS Z Zamalloa    
DeKalb IL, USA Northern Ilinois University ATLAS Z Chakraborty    
Fairfax VA, USA George Mason University CMS WZH Rubin Roudebush  
Fort Collins, USA Colorado State University ATLAS Z Bornhorst    
Fukuoka, Japan Fukuoka International School CMS WZH Ballgobin    
Hammond IN, USA Purdue University Northwest CMS WZH Parashar    
Honolulu HI, USA University of Hawaii CMS WZH Bindi Coke  
Knoxville TN, USA University of Tennessee CMS WZH Gollapinni Gunthoti  
La Plata, Argentina Universidad de La Plata ATLAS Z Wahlbergh    
Lead SD, USA Sanford Lab CMS WZH Norris Keeter  
Manhattan KS, USA Kansas State University CMS WZH Ratra    
Manila, Philippines German European School CMS WZH Dragoiu-Luca    
Mayagüez, Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico ATLAS Z Mendez Santana  
Medellín, Colombia Universidad de Antioquia ATLAS Z Restrepo Arcila  
Mexico City, Mexico Universidad Iberoamericana CMS WZH Carillo Vazquez  
Minneapolis MN, USA University of Minnesota CMS WZH Hennessy Wood  
New Brunswick NJ, USA Rutgers University CMS WZH Schnetzer Lath  
Northbrook IL, USA Glenbrook North High School/University of Illinois Chicago CMS WZH Adams Valsamis  
Quincy IL, USA Notre Dame High School CMS WZH Smith Karmgard  
Qingdao, China Qingdao Amerasis School CMS WZH Madden    
Quito, Ecuador Universidad de San Francisco de Quito CMS WZH Carrera Ayala  
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rio de Janeiro State University CMS WZH Begalli    
Rochester NY, USA University of Rochester CMS WZH Garcia-Bellido    
Rossville IN, USA Rossville High School  CMS WZH Glover    
Santa Cruz CA, USA University of California Santa Cruz ATLAS Z Nielsen    
Santiago de Campostela, Spain Universidad de Santiago de Campostela CMS WZH Alvarez-Muniz    
Santiago de Chile, Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica ATLAS Z Koch Diaz  
Seattle WA, USA University of Washington CMS WZH Hsu    
Shanghai, China Concordia International School CMS WZH Klammer    
South Bend IN, USA University of Notre Dame QuarkNet Center CMS WZH Cecire    
St. Louis MO, USA Parkway South High School CMS WZH Karmgard Morrison  
Stillwater OK, USA Oklahoma State University ATLAS Z Haley Rizatdinova  
Valparaiso, Chile Universidad Tecnica de Federico Santa Maria ATLAS Z Carquin    
Vancouver BC, Canada Simon Fraser University ATLAS Z O'Niel   w/TRIUMF
Vancouver BC, Canada University of British Columbia ATLAS Z Gay   w/TRIUMF
Victoria BC, Canada University of Victoria ATLAS Z Lefebvre   w/TRIUMF
Williamsburg VA, USA College of William and Mary CMS WZH Erlich Fetsko  
Winamac IN, USA Winamac Community High School CMS WZH Wegner Karmgard  


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