NDQC CMS Data Group

Patrick Mooney (Trinity School), Jill Ziegler (Hamilton West HS), M. Gillen (LaLumiere School), N. Schrock (Bethany Christian)

This summer the Notre Dame QuarkNet Center’s CMS Data Group continued its analysis of CMS data. In particular, we continued our analysis of 500K high Pt isolated muon events begun last summer. We looked for evidence of ttbar systems that decay semileptonicly. We created tri-jet invariant mass plots and investigated the impact of a variety of cuts on signal/background. Among the cuts we tried were high missing Pt in the event and the likelihood that one or more of the jets were b quarks. The number of entries in the tri-jet invariant mass plot was relatively small so even non-aggressive cuts eliminated most of the signal. We will continue our studies next summer.