Neutrino Masterclass Development Workshop

Online, 15 Sep 2018

University of Tennessee Knoxville, 13-14 Oct 2018

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Draft Agenda

Sat 15 Sep Sat 13 Oct Sun 14 Oct


09:30    Discussion of QuarkNet neutrino data program (Wood, Cecire) (neutrino project map) (sample workshop agenda)

10:00    Introduction to MINERvA Masterclass and Data Workshop (Cecire, Wood, Fine) (slides

10:45    Introduction to MIcroBooNE Masterclass (Gollapinni, Eggleston, Johnson) (slides)

11:30     Discussion of MINERvA data and analysis


08:30    Updates and Big Picture

09:45    Coffee/Breakfast

10:00    Try out measurements

12:00    Lunch

13:30    Form development teams, tweak goals

14:00    Dev work

  • Break as needed

16:30    Finish for evening

08:30   Dev work cont'd

09:45    Coffee/Breakfast

10:00    Dev work cont'd

11:00   Teams summarize progress

12:00   Planning (McFarland, Fine join by videocon)

13:00   Finish:

  • Lunch
  • end of workshop
  • informal follow-on