New member invited

Hi all,  

Great conference last Sunday night.  Danielle, you are the bravest driver I know!  I spoke with Kathy after our conference.  She is doing well.  Wadness, you were on the road, so I couldn't talk BB with you.  I hope BRS spring training is going well, honest!

With permission from Ken and Dan, I have conferenced with and invited Allen Daniels, a physics teacher in the Parkway system in St. Louis regarding joining our group.  I used his school email and sent an invite.  He should be expecting this since I conferenced with him in person in StL.  He was previously a virtual member when he was working at Crossroads school in St. Louis, but I don't know what his level of participation was back then.  His email is

Enjoy break if you are on one.  I had cervical disc surgery the Monday after our conference and am convalenscing at home.  

And hey, everyone who does not have a pic of themselves in the drupal, get a pic in there.   I like the pictures.

Debbie G.