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Prior knowledge for masterclasses / Classroom prep objectives

Meeting these objectives will assure that students are well prepared for the masterclass. Obectives for MINERvA have labels M1-M3, objectives for MicroBooNE have B1 and B2, and general objectives for neutrino masterclass preparation have labels N1-N3.

Needed for MINERvA Needed for MicroBooNE
  • (M1) Use indirect measurement to determine properties of objects that are otherwise difficult to determine.
  • (M2) Explain the uncertainty principle from empirical evidence.
  • (M3) Describe how neutrinos are similar to and different from other leptons.
  • (B1) Explain the purpose of the calibration process and why calibration is important to collect meaningful data.
  • (B2) Using a decay curve, describe how half-life and mean lifetime can explain how particles decay randomly yet decrease in number in a predictable way.
Needed for both Neutrino masterclasses
  • (N1) Give an account of how fundamental particles relate to each other based on their characteristics.
  • (N2) In a histogram with a normal distribution, visually find the central value of what is being measured, the uncertainty in the height of one bin, and the overall uncertainty in what is being measured using Full-Width Half-Maximum (FWHM).
  • (N3) Apply conservation rules to measurements to provide evidence for unobserved particles.





Suggested activities

Students preparing for Neutrino masterclasses should do 3 or more of the following activities most closely aligned with the preparation objectives for the masterclass they will do. The table below gives activities aligned with masterclasses and preparation objectives (in parentheses).







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