NuInstitute 2022



Elements common to all masterclass institutes

Previous to day of the masterclass:

  • Orientation for mentors and teachers by QuarkNet staff or fellow (1-3 hr)
  • Classroom preparation of students by teacher (~3 hr)

Masterclass day (6-8 hr):

  • Registration (sign-in sheet) and gateway activity (e.g. cloud chamber, cosmic ray detector, or e/m apparatus)
  • Icebreaker activity
  • Mentor presentation (a bit of standard model, a bit of mentor's own research)
  • Lab tour
  • Teacher presentation on masterclass measurement (ATLAS Z-path, CMS WZH-path, or other)
  • Lunch with a physicist
  • Masterclass measurement by students with help from mentor, teachers, other physicists 
  • Discussion of combined results for Institute
  • Videoconference
  • Wrap-up
  • Attendance form (filled out by masterclass leader)



Neutrino Masterclass Institutes

Watch this space for updates for IMC 2021.

Location Institution Contact Contact Other
Barranquilla, Colombia Universidad Atlantico Acero    
Batavia IL, USA Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Fava Carter  
Fairfax VA, USA George Mason University Rubin Roudebush  
Fort Collins CO, USA Colorado State University Wilson    
Knoxville TN, USA University of Tennessee Knoxville Gollapinni Gunthoti  
Lead SD, USA Sanford Lab Norris Keeter  
Mayag├╝ez, Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico Mendez Santana  
Minneapolis MN, USA University of Minnesota Pawloski Wood  
Qingdao, China Amerasia International School Madden    
Syracuse NY, USA Syracuse University Soderberg    
Valencia, Spain Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular Apirici    


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