NuVideoconferences 2019

This page is to help to guide mentors and teachers in planning the neutrino masterclass videoconference.

All IMC neutrino masterclasses this year will focus on the MINERvA expeirment, All videoconferecnes for these will be moderated from Fermilab.


2019 Tentative Schedule for MINERvA masterclass videoconference moderated by Fermilab

Times are in U.S. Central Time. (Convert to your time zone.) This schedule is subject to change.

Date/time CT Institutes Indico page Moderator(s), Staff Notes
Thu 14 Mar/11:45 Rochester, Syracuse      
Fri 29 Mar 15:00 Barranquilla, Lead      
Fri 29 Mar 21:00 Qingdao      
Sat 06 Apr/14:00 Fairfax, Mayaguez, Knoxville      
Sat 06 Apr/16:00 Minneapolis, Fort Collins      
Thu 11 Apr/09:00 Valencia      
Thu 11 Apr/15:00 Batavia