Plateauing Detectors

Plateauing Detectors

"6000" CRMD Counters, Current version: Nov 2011

Remade from previous versions; tested by Jeremy Paschke and Martin Shaffer, Summer 2009

Students will require both following files to plateau.

6000 HOWTO Plateauing Powerpoint

6000 Plateauing Spreadsheet Form

Older, out-of-date versions

  • From Jeremy Paschke, Summer 2008

These two documents include edits and remakes of Fellows documents listed above. Fixes fundamental errors. Thanks to Jeremy. Fellows, please review and add edits. When all changes have been received, these will be moved into the Cosmic e-Lab proper for public use.

HOWTO Plateauing Powerpoint: How-to-Plateau-2008JP

Plateauing Spreadsheet Form: Plateau-Template-2008JP


  • From Fellows, Summer 2007

We've got a nice powerpoint on connecting all the equipment and plateauing the counters. The level is intended for beginning students or teachers and is designed to march through the procedure as time efficiently as possible, so that anyone can start to do real science asap.

HOWTO Plateauing Powerpoint: How+to+Plateau

There's an excel spreadsheet template associated with these directions. The powerpoint has a link to the spreadsheet, but you may have to open it by yourself if you download from here.

Plateauing Spreadsheet Form: Plateau+Template


  • For completeness; plateauing instructions contributed from others; some out of date

Notre Dame: Counter_efficiency_ND.doc

NorthVA/Hampton: VOLTAGE_OPTIMIZATION_VA.doc ; HU_Plateauing_Spreadsheet_VA.xls

Mark Adams, UIC: MAdamsRevised_plateau.doc

"5000" series Cookbook; out of date: Plateau_cookbook.doc