NDQC - Project GRAND Gamma Ray Astrophysics at Notre Dame

Cal Swartzendruber (Bethany Christian), Susan Sakimoto (Riley High School),
H. Bradbury (New Buffalo High School), S. Grisoli (St. Joseph's High School)

GRAND is an array of position sensitive proportional wire chambers (PWCs) located at 86.2 deg W, 41.7 deg N at an elevation of 220 m north of the University of Notre Dame campus.  The 64 detector stations have a total of 82 sq-m of muon detector area.  The geometry of the PWC detector stations (four stacked pairs of x and y planes) allows the measurement of charged particle tracks in two orthogonal planes to within less than one deg, on average.  Muons are 99% differentiated from electrons by means of a 51 mm thick steel plate above the last pair of x and y planes.  An overview of the operation of Project GRAND is given.