QuarkNet Wednesday Webinars (QW2) 2020


QuarkNet Wednesday Webinars give physics teachers and students an opportunity to learn more about exciting topics that are not usually covered in traditional physics curricula. Each of these webinars will give participants that chance to ask questions of the speaker(s) using a Q&A chat box, or to "upvote" another participant's question. Some of the webinars will include activities in which teachers and students can participate. Each webinar is scheduled to last for one hour, but we may extend the Q&A a bit longer for those who are interested. Please note that these webinars will be recorded, and these recordings will be made available to teachers and students. 


Topic Speaker    Time    Registration Link Webinar access
(Register for Zoom password)
May 6 Neutrinos: History and Mystery Rick Dower 14:00 CDT Registration over slides, script, recording
May 13 Science at Fermilab Pedro Machado 14:00 CDT Registration over slides, recording 
May 20 No QW2 This Week N/A N/A N/A Alternative: BAMC Webinar with Don Lincoln
May 27 Quantum Computing Gabe Perdue 14:00 CDT Registration over Google Colab notebook, recording
June 3 Cosmic Rays
(Includes Activity)
Mark Adams 14:00 CDT Registration over slides, recording
*Thursday, June 11*

Seeing the Unseeable:
The First Image of a Black Hole

Joseph Farah 14:00 CDT Registration over recording

Note that the times above are in Central Daylight Time. (Online time zone converter)

How it works

  1. Any teacher who would like to join and/or who has students who would like to join must register in order to receive the webinar password. Each webinar will have a unique password, so teachers need to register separately for each webinar. 
  2. Webinar participants join the webinar using the link above, then enter the password when prompted. Teachers, please be sure to share the webinar link and password with your students. A reminder that each webinar will have a unique password. Participants should start joining the webinar ~5 minutes before the scheduled start time. 
  3. General timeline of webinars
    Time Segment Description
    13:55-14:00 CDT Students and teachers join webinar using link above.
    14:00-14:45 CDT Speaker(s) provide talk/slides and/or activity.
    Participants type in questions and/or upvote questions that others have provided.
    ~14:45-15:00 CDT Q&A session and/or discuss results of activity.
    15:00 CDT Webinar officially ends; however, the Q&A session may be extended for those who are interested.


  4. We ask teachers to remind students to keep all text in the Q&A section respectful and appropriate. The Q&A will be constantly monitored. Any inappropriate text will be removed immediately, and individuals responsible for the inappropriate text will be removed from the webinar. 
  5. Questions? Please contact ShaneKen or Spencer