Raspberry pi and EQUIP

How to Run EQUIP from Raspberry Pi

Install/update JAVA:
In Command Prompt type:  sudo apt-get install librxtx-java
Install EQUIP:
In web browser, go to cosmic ray elab.  in Library, Resources, select EQUIP java interface and download EQUIP_18JUL2014.
You can put this anywhere you want but I would suggest on the desktop. (The rest of this walkthrough is assuming the Desktop.)
To run EQUIP:
Open the terminal so you have a command prompt.
Make sure your directory is in the Equip Folder:
        cd /home/pi/Desktop/EQUIP
Make a copy of the following script and paste into the command line:
        java -Djava.library.path=/usr/lib/jni -cp /usr/share/java/RXTXcomm.jar -jar EQUIP_18JUL2014.jar
Create and save your file name before you find the port.
in log file:   
 select Choose File and assign the in the EQUIP folder on your desktop or on a USB Drive
Select     home/pi/Desktop/EQUIP/data
select:      media, pi,(USB Name), EQUIPDATA (if you want it to be in a folder with this name)
Create a new file name:  I suggest something like:
Note: Stack_46cm indicates that I have a stacked geometry with a 46cm difference between counters 1 - 4.
You should have something like this to note your geometry to make it easier to identify your data.
Save  (you can check to see that your file got created by looking in the data folder you want it to go in)
Find your DAQ in Choose Port.  You will know you found it when the screen fills with your information.  Wait to make sure you have enough satellites, make sure you have your settings the way you want and enable counts.