Science is a journey, not an event.


On the first day, our fearless QuarkNet leader Marge Bardeen reminded us that science is a journey, not an event.  We sometimes treat it as a list of facts to accept, and that's often how our students see it.  But in order to make science interesting for our students, and hopefully make them into budding young scientists themselves, we need to focus more on how this was developed, why it's important, and so on.  It's not good enough to just say "This is Newton's 1st law," we have to say "Newton's law is so cool because of _____, why is that important?"

That' why I am realy happy to have come to this program.  I don't just have access to a whole bunch of cool activities, I have talked with people about them and attachd amazing experiences to them.  Attaching a scenario or story to something makes it much easier for me to remember. I can think of this workshop as one where I made friends with more QuarkNet teachers, saw the Parthenon and the Sanctuary of Poseidon, had authentic Greek meals late into the night, and went swimming in the Aegean Sea.

Seeing as others have already posted their beautiful pics, I will post a picture of something else.  To help you remember me, I was the one who didn't have his checked luggage for the majority of the trip.  Apparently it took a different journey than I did!  Luckily it showed up on Thursday morning, so here's a picture of that :)