Sept 4 update -- Abstracts from summer research, Eclipse cosmic ray observation

Hello all, I'm working on editing the abstracts for the summer reserach program. My work in my classroom has been keeping me too busy recently to spend much time at home, let alone on the abstracts, but I have finally moved the last of my classroom materials from the old room to my brand new room in our new science wing.

My wife and I took the CRMD to a location just outside of Horton, KS for the 9/21 Eclipse. We were unfortunately completely cloud-covered from before the eclipse until about 10-15 minutes after, with only a couple of barely perceptable glimpses through clouds as totality apporached, and no view of the corona whatsoever. We look forward to 2024...

On the data front, in the brightness of the day I was setting up the CRMD and couldn't read the computer screen much at all. As a result, I did not see that I was getting no GPS data, as in my hurry to set things up I neglected to connect the GPS to the DAQ. I am now looking ata whether I can reasonably reconstruct event times from known time points and the CPLD 25mhz clock signal. 

I'll update with abstracts as soon as I finish edits. In the mean time, you are welcome to view the abstracts and presentation videos from several years of KU research. See the following tweet for links to abstracts and vids: