Session 3 Links, Materials, Assignment

Particle Physics at the Large Hadron Collider

July 15, 2020

7pm - 9pm Eastern time

Learning objectives: In this lecture, we will finish the history of the Standard Model and discuss how physicists use colliders to probe fundamental particles and discover new particles such as the Higgs boson.

Homework assignment (due July 15):

  1. Explore the CMS e-lab:
    • Click here for full instructions for the CMS assignment.
    • If you don't have an account, or if you forgot your account information, please sign in as a guest.
  2. Make a Flip Grid video (approximately 3 minutes) describing one of the plots you made on the e-lab. Watch at least three other people’s videos describing what they did and be prepared to discuss.
    Link here: (password sent via email)
  3. Fill out the weekly course survey (link sent via email). Note that this step is required every week in order to self-report the number of hours spent so we can give you professional development credit. Please give me any feedback that would help make this course useful for you! I added a question this week if you have any favorite resources you want to share with others in the class. 

The homework should take approximately one hour to complete.

Additional resources