Session 6 Links, Materials, Assignment

Dark Matter

August 5, 2020

7pm - 9pm Eastern time

Learning objectives: In this lecture, we will discuss the evidence for dark matter and the different ways scientists are studying it. We will end the course with a discussion of what’s next in particle physics and why particle physics is worth doing.

Homework assignment (due August 5):

  1. Read the dark matter primer and do activities 2 and 4 from the Perimeter Institute’s dark matter lesson (sent via email). In this lesson, you will use Newton’s Law of Gravity to predict rotational speeds and compare to observational data of the mass of galaxies and the speed of orbiting stars.
    The full lesson (including other demos, activities, answer keys, and a 30 minute introductory video on dark matter) is available for download at
  2. Fill out the weekly course survey (link sent via email). Note that this step is required every week in order to self-report the number of hours spent so we can give you professional development credit. Please give me any feedback that would help make this course useful for you!

The homework should take approximately one hour to complete.

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