Speed of a Muon

Lueda Shemitraku (Troy High School), Alexander Quinn (Greenhills School)

Mike Niedballa ( Michigan Collegiate High School)

Robert Harr (Wayne State University)


The purpose of our research to measure any offset between the paddles to accurately measure the speed of a muon. To measure the offset we conducted 4 tests, testing paddles 0 and 1, and paddles 2 and 3. We first staked 0 and 1, collected data, then switched them. After running a shower study we found out there is an offset of .3667 between them. We performed the same test but on paddles 2 and 3. For those paddles we found that they both matched up with 0 offset. Since we knew the accuracy of the paddles we could then measure the speed of a muon. We added 1.5 m distance between the paddles and found for 1 and 0, speed of .1881569 m/nanosec.For 2 and 3 we found a speed of .31129567 m/nanosec  Possible labs from this study could be measuring the time delay of not just 0 and 1, and 2 and 3 but all the combinations possible.




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