Summary of Grant Support for Centers

Quarknet is funded on a cost-sharing basis. The national collaboration has grants from NSF and DOE that support common costs. However, the grants do NOT provide all program costs. Centers will need to seek support from other sources for some local costs.

Funders include the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science and participating research groups and experiments.

Year 1 - At each site during the first year two teachers will join the project. Grant support includes $10,000 per teacher:
  • Research appointment stipends - $500 per week for eight weeks
  • Travel and subsistence to attend one-week session at Fermilab and for teachers who work away from home (can include trips to CERN or FERMILAB for beam-tests, etc.)
    • Up to $1,000 total for travel
    • $500 per week for room and board
Year 2 - During the second year on average 10 new teachers will join each group bringing the total to 12 at each site. Grant support includes $1,500 per teacher:
  • Staff development stipend - $500 per week for 3 weeks
Years 3+ - Teacher support beyond the second year includes:
Other - If unobligated funds remain after the summer in a given year, we can support any of the following:
  • Time spent beyond 3.5 days by lead teachers during the school year planning year-2 institutes.
  • Travel/room and board to attend QuarkNet activities. e.g.:
    • reunions held concurrently with American Association of Physics Teacher meetings held each August and January.
    • a weekend meeting at Fermilab (may interest associate teachers and others that may not have seen the facilities.)
  • Equipment and supplies for teachers' use in institute or for classroom transfer activities.
We will notify Centers as soon as possible should these funds become available.