NIU Summer Student Research Abstract 1-2014

Student: R. Garg

Mentor: Michael Eads

Internship dates: June 23, 2014 – August 8, 2014


Abstract: R. Garg conducted a software project related to the new muon g-2 experiment currently being designed and constructed at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. The first part of her internship experience was spent learning about the software tools used in the experiment (C++, ROOT, Git, linux, etc…) and becoming familiar with the simulation software framework. During this time, she also assisted with installation tasks for the muon g-2 experiment’s magnetic storage ring, which was being reassembled over the summer. The culmination of her internship experience was an acceptance study using the simulation software. The design for a straw tube tracking system for the experiment is currently being finalized and the final location of the individual straw tube modules needs to be optimized. She was able to use her software knowledge and (working with other students and scientists on the experiment) was able to generate a large number of simulated events for several different possible straw tube module placement options. Unfortunately, Her internship time ended just as this simulated data was becoming available. However, the data she produced was then used to finalize the straw tube module placement.