NIU Summer Student Research Abstract 2-2014

Student: L. Hsiung

Mentor: Michael Eads

Internship dates: July 7, 2014 – August 14, 2014


Abstract: L. Hsiung conducted research related to the new muon g-2 experiment currently being designed and constructed at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. His main focus was on the analysis of data obtained in a test beam effort for a straw tube tracking system for the experiment. The first part of his experience was spent learning some of the software tools, including C++, linux, the ROOT analysis framework, and some preliminary software (written by collaborators) to analyze the test beam data. His focus was on understanding the data from multi-wire proportional chambers (MWPCs), which are used to track the test beam particles. Using a simple event display for this data and a Hough Transform algorithm for track finding, he was able to optimize some of the parameters of the track finding algorithm. In addition to this software work, he also assisted with testing seal prototypes for the straw tube tracker modules. This clean room work involved assembling a vacuum chamber and measuring the leak rate of an O-ring seal. Unfortunately, he was not able to complete this work before the end of his internship since the wrong size O-rings were ordered from the manufacturer.