Troubleshooting CIMA and iSpy-WebGL

CIMA problems


Problem Comment/solution
Cannot find "Z" candidate to check off. This has been replaced by "NP" for "Neutral Particle". Check this instead.
I check NP but mass does not come up. You must get mass for dilepton events from iSpy-WebGL. See screencast.
I check NP but the NP Mass box does not allow me to enter anything.  You must choose the final state lepton type first (electron or muon but not both) and then choose NP. If you accidentally revered this order, you may have to clear your entry and start again.
I get error messages (which may have "NaN" in them) and extra columns in the Results page; the ratios at the bottom are messed up. This can occur when non-numeric data is entered for the NP Mass.  If it happens, go back and clear any instance where "NaN" is recorded in the "Mass" column.  If this does not help, calculate ratios directly by using the total numbers of e, mu, W+, and W-.



iSpy-WebGL problems


Problem Comment/solution
The event image appears below the list of detector attrbute checkboxes.  Widen your browser window until the event image appears on the right side.
I can't get X to function.  Be sure you are using a recent version of Chrome or Firefox. For Win 10 users, a recent version of Edge (not Explorer) may also work. Mac users can also try a recent version of Safari.
Too much stuff! How do I find the electron in all this? Go to the detector attribute checkboxes on the left and find Tracks (reco). Uncheck it.
I cannot get the invariant mass from two leptons to come up. This can be tricky but it does work: move your mouse toward one lepton track until it turns gray. (It may or may not turn gray with your mouse pointer directly on the track: you have to move the mouse around until you make the track gray.) Then press Shift and old it down while you click the mouse. Do the same for the other lepton track.

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