UIC QuarkNet Summer 2017 Agenda


Participating teachers will be able to:

  • Configure a cosmic ray detector appropriately for acquisition of data for calibration and analysis of measurements
  • Identify and describe the e-Lab tools available for conducting studies with data collected using a cosmic ray detector
  • Create, organize and interpret a data plot to make a claim based on evidence; provide reasoning and identify data limitations
  • Develop a plan for taking students from their current level of data use to subsequent levels using activities and/or ideas from the workshop.


Times and specific activities are subject to adjustment.


Monday June 12

09:00     Coffee and Registration

09:15     Introduction and Objectives

09:45     What are cosmic rays?  Eclipse Project and site

10:45     Construction of apparatus

Noon     Lunch

13:00     Explore Cosmic Ray e-Lab, plateau

  • Review geometry
  • Calibrate barometers
  • Review EQUIP 
  • Review uploading data
  • Aiming

14:15     Small group research.  Select experiment, Set up experiment for overnight data

15:45     Reflection of day

16:00     End of Day


Tuesday June 13

09:00     Coffee and sign in

09:15     Reflection on previous day    

09:30     Upload Data (from overnight)

10:00     Break

10:15     Tour e-Lab I
               Performance, blessing

  • Time of flight
  • Flux
  • Speed of muon

11:00     Prepare report    

12:00     Lunch

13:00     Report out

14:30     Set-up for 2nd Data Run

15:45     Reflection of day

16:00     End of Day


Wednesday June 14


09:00    Meet at Information Desk, Wilson Hall.  Closed toe shoes required.




Thursday June 15

09:00    Coffee and registration

09:15     Reflection on previous two days

09:30     Upload/analyze data

10:45     Poster and Power Point discussion and work time

12:00     Lunch

13:00     Conclude research;
               create poster; Teacher implementation plan

15:00     Setup for last overnight data collection

15:45     Reflection and evaluation

16:30     End of day







Friday June 16

09:00    Coffee and registration

09:15     Reflection on previous day

09:30     Upload/analyze data

10:45      Finish poster and power point

12:00     Lunch

13:00     Experiment and Implementation presentations

14:30      Reflections and evaluation

14:45      Clean up.