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QuarkNet Annual Report for University of Tennessee, Knoxville

QuarkNet Annual Report 2017 - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

S. GOLLAPINNI, K. GUNTHOTI September 24, 2017 The summer 2017 is the first year for QuarkNet at UTK. Two teachers, Tommy Eggleston (West High Science teacher) and Erica Johnson (Halls High School…

Detector building

University of Tennessee June 14-16 Cosmic Ray Workshop Agenda

“Our mission is to create opportunities for teachers and students to explore the nature of scientific research. Using cosmic ray muon detectors, participants design and perform experiments to analyze…

Welcome to QuarkNet at UTK!

Welcome to the UTK QuarkNet group. To start, here are three things you can do right now: Create/edit your site profile (please do ASAP!) In the top menu, roll over "My stuff". Choose "My profile".…