UPRM QuarkNet Annual Report 2023

The University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez started QuarkNet year 2023 with a Neutrino Data Workshop on November 21, 2022. Shane Wood and Ken Cecire came to facilitate. Mentor Daniel Gutierrez gave a presentation on neutrino physics. The workshop features some advanced work with the NOvA masterclass, which includes using a Python notebook for calculations, for which Coding Fellow and UPRM teacher Danelix Cordero gave a preparatory presentation. On March 4, 2022, the UPRM center had a full-day MINERvA masterclass orientation faciltiated by mentors Hector Mendez and Daniel Gutierrez. Ken Cecire joing via Zoom.

The UPRM masterclass was held on March 25 using the MINERvA measurement. Mendez and Gutierrez lead the masterclass and UPRM Professor Samuel Santana gave the neutrino physics presentation. About 65 students from high schools around Puerto Rico participated.

In summer 2023, UPRM teachers Hugo Delgado and Monica Lopez went to Fermilab: Hugo participated in Data Camp and Monica was in Coding Camp 2. 

Teachers in the autunm 2022 workshop Shuffling the Particle Deck.