UPRM QuarkNet mentors recognized

News! 2016 University of Puerto Rico Outreach and Engagement Recognition Awards go to the UPRM QuarkNet Center!

In a ceremony on May 13, 2016, Associate Research Dean Dr. Fernando Gilbes awarded QuarkNet mentors Dr. Hector Mendez and Dr. Samuel Santana special recognition on behalf of the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Research Academy. 

This year, the Research Academy awarded 6 faculty members for work outside of their normal duties that makes a positive impact on society. Dr. Mendez and Dr. Santana were awarded for their leadership of the UPRM QuarkNet center. The UPRM QuarkNet center brings particle physics to high school physics and chemistry teachers through workshops in Mayaquez with teachers from across the island.  The program has stayed strong at UPRM without interruption since 2003. It is the only QuarkNet center in the Carribbean and it collaborates accross the globe. Mentors, teachers, and their STEM students interact with counterparts from other countries in Europe and the Americas on International Masterclasses and the QuarkNet cosmic ray program, both of which have strong participation from physics teachers and their students associated with the UPRM QuarkNet center.

Congratulations, Mentors!