Virtual QNet Summer Workshop 2019: CMS Analysis and Step UP



Monday August 12th

CMS Data Analysis Activity

11:00 AM Eastern (8am Pacific)

New version CMS Masterclass: 

From my own lessons with students 



12:00 PM Eastern (9am Pacific)

  • Spend two hours at your leisure analyzing data.

2:00 PM Eastern (11am Pacific)

  • OPTIONAL:  Meet online to help those who have questions about data analysis activity.



Step Up Homepage

11:00 AM Eastern (8am Pacific)

Step UP

11:20 Register at Step UP (Use my name for referral person - Michael Wadness)

  • Overview and Discussion of Step Up 

Careers in Physics Documents

Physics Poll

Career Goals Survey

Career Profiles

Personal Profile

Everyday Actions Documents

Everyday Actions Survey

Guidlines for Conduct

4:00 PM Eastern Conclusion

Step Up Post Workshop Survey