VQN Summer Workshop 2017: Brookhaven National Laboratory


Participating teachers will:  

  • Be able to complete Masterclass prep activities on their own.
  • Be able to implement Masterclass prep activities in their classroom.
  • Be able to complete the Masterclass excercises.
  • Be able to develop a plan for how to implement the Masterclass with their students.

Enduring Understandings from the Masterclass

These are points we want students to remember long after the masterclass.

  1. Particle physics research requires the use of indirect evidence to support claims.
  2. The Standard Model is the current theoretical framework for our understanding of matter.
  3. The behavior of particles is governed by conservation laws and mass-energy conversion.

Student Masterclass Learning Objectives

These are things we want students to be able to do as a result of the masterclass.

After the masterclass activity students will be able to:

  1. Explain that a general-purpose collider detector is made of a number of subsystems and describe what they are designed to measure.
  2. Express an increased appreciation for the nature of scientific investigation.
  3. Describe features of the Standard Model—which particles are which and how they relate to one another.
  4. Identify specific particles and their decays by their signatures.
  5. Give examples of how hadrons or force carriers can decay into different types of leptons.
  6. Describe/show how conservation laws, behavior of particles in a magnetic field and energy-mass conversion apply to particle physics.
  7. Give examples of conservation of charge in particle decays.


Meeting Room:  2-84 Physic Department

Mon Aug 7

8:00 AM Depart Hotel

8:30 AM Objectives and Business

Mentor Physics Update

9:15 AM Masterclass Prep Activities

Tracking Particle Paths

Masterclass Library

More on Rutherford


12:00 PM  Lunch at Berkner Hall

With BNL QuarkNet

2pm CMS Seminar:  Large Seminar Room

James Hirschauer, FNAL

4pm Visit to Tesla future Museum Site (Rich Gearns)

6pm Dinner at Phil’s.


(not far from Tesla site)

Tues Aug 8

8:00 AM Depart Hotel

8:30 Refelctions from prep activities

8:45 Introduction to CMS Data Analysis

Sample Day

CMS Analysis Slides

9:15 CMS Data Analysis

9:45 Discuss Results

10:00  Reflections

10:15 Introduction to ATLAS Data Analysis

10:45  ATLAS Data Analysis

11:15  Discuss Results

11:30 Reflections

11:45 Discuss Implementation Models


Eclipse Project

LSST presentation by Steve Bellavia (2pm)

PPT Slides for LSST

The ATLAS Detector (Helio)


Wed Aug 8

8:00 AM Depart Hotel

8:30 AM Cosmic Ray Experiment - hardware and Analysis

10:00 AM - Tour of STAR Experiment
more info



Teacher Implementation Survey

Participant Satisfaction Survey - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NV726DM - http://tiny.cc/qnps17