Weekly Report FIT (2)

What did you do this week?: 
We selected individual projects to study for the next 5 weeks. I chose studying lunar phases and muons counts. For the group project we chose to examine a plasma ball and see how that affected muon counts as well.
Why did you do that?: 
I chose the lunar phases because although studies have shown that the sun doesn't really create muons, there could be a possibility that the moon does. By studying the phases, I would be able to see at different points in the orbit muon count changes. As for the plasma ball, we wanted to see how an electric field affected muons.
What are you doing next?: 
We are going to be counting muons with each project as well as continuing to research the topics to fund more information. Next week we will be doing trials every day and collecting many trials of data.
Why are you doing that?: 
By researching more information, we can gain a better understanding of our projects and muon counts. By doing several trials of data, we can get a well-rounded amount of muon counts as to have more accurate data.