2014 Summer virtual Workshop

july workshop at Spearfish SD

tuesday July 22

introductions (at BHSU)

CETUP talk: neutrino interactions with nuclei: Ulrich Mosel at Lead middle school

cosmic ray research: James Stith (At  BHSU)

     New JAVA detector control interface

     New blessing tools

     How to bless data

problem with solar neutrinos:  Kara Ketter at BHSU

Wednesday July 23

research at BHSU: Brianna Mount at BHSU

research at Sanford Lab: Jaret Heise at lab in Lead

     tour of mine lift mechanism

Q & A with CETUP participants: Lead middle school

dinner meeting above Deadwood

Thursday July 24

ILC QuarkNet Workshop: Mike Wadness (at BHSU)

     Japan workshop

      ILC presentation

      Analysis of simulated ILC data